What You Will Need

Before setting out on your journey you will need to bring along a few things. First and foremost, check on the weather conditions before leaving and dress appropriately in comfortable clothing. The desert weather can change quickly (see Climate), and you don’t want to get caught in inclement conditions unprepared. Hikers should wear sturdy shoes, preferably hiking shoes, and bring along plenty of water and some food. A hat, and insect repellant are also worth packing. For mountain and road bikers, a helmet is needed in addition to tools and tubes plus water and food. Most biking publications recommend bringing along a bike of some kind as well. Several bike shops in town rent them if you didn’t bring your own.

Those who are interested in nature viewing should pack binoculars, and it always helps to have a map of your intended route to consult. Detailed maps can be found at www.GeoBetty.com. Last but not least, everyone should bring a camera to capture the stunning views throughout the park system.

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