Mission Trail

The Mission trail may best be defined as an historic area, stretching north to south in a fairly straight line in far-east El Paso, that is best known for three very old missions, one of which is actually a chapel. These houses of worship are still in use today and are also open to the public for viewing during certain hours most days of the week except possibly Sunday, but you are welcome to attend mass. The Mission Trail, though, is more than missions. It is an interesting tapestry woven together by history, cultures and the extraordinarily hardy people who established this community centuries ago before El Paso or any of these small towns had names, city limits, a city government or even a visitors center. And don’t expect to find an all polished and prettied up tourist attraction. What you get here is real life as it is lived day to day in a rural area and some very interesting, talented artists, artisans, characters, history, pre-20th century public buildings and an inimitable and memorable experience. Exit I-10 at Zaragosa (exit 32) and go south to the Mission Valley Visitors Center across the street from the Ysleta Mission. The visitors center is home to the Mission Trail Association and a good place to pick up information on the missions and points of interest along the trail. .

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