Downtown El Paso

Downtown El Paso is quite different from other American cities. The juxtaposition of downtown El Paso to Mexico naturally creates a lively, colorful blend of American and Mexican cultures and often makes it hard to draw a distinction between where one culture begins and the other ends. Where Mexico brings its flavor and gaiety, El Paso adds it stability and charm. Visiting downtown is also a great historical adventure (did you know El Pasoans sat on downtown roofs, sometimes dodging bullets, to watch the Mexican Revolution?) as well as unique shopping experience with over 500 stores, most of which offer discounted prices and especially those located in the Golden Horseshoe district in southernmost downtown. As visitors stream across the bridge from Mexico, they start shopping on El Paso Street, continue as they cross over to San Antonio and Overland then hit the remaining shops on Stanton Street on their way back to the bridge and Mexico. This popular and festive U-shaped area was dubbed the "Golden Horseshoe" by the early owners of these businesses because they became veritable gold mines. This area is still very popular and now attracts other visitors as well as a host of locals. Downtown isn’t all about shopping though. It boasts some great restaurants, from fine dining to little mom-and-pop operations serving terrific, authentic Mexican food, and an impressive cultural and entertainment district. Most El Paso museums, including the fabulous Museum of Art, and perhaps one of the most elegant theaters and performing arts centers, the Plaza Theatre, are located here. New downtown attractions and improvements are currently in the works that will surely only add to the downtown excitement and allure.

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