The desert mountain climate of El Paso is ideal for the outdoors enthusiast. Located in the Chihuahuan Desert, El Paso’s average of more than 300 days of sunshine a year has earned it the nickname Sun City. This has made it a friend to hikers, bikers and outdoor adventurers everywhere. Due to its high elevation, the climate is very dry year round, with most of the rainfall occurring from July to September. Although rare, it is during this time that flash flooding can occur, so visitors should be precautious.

Spring has typically mild temperatures with little rain. It is during this time of year that dust storms occasionally occur due to the spring winds, and drivers who see one should pay careful attention. While temperatures during the summer months are frequently in the high 90s to low triple digits, the dry desert air of El Paso mitigates the intensity somewhat. Those who have spent any time in Houston during the summer will appreciate this information when locals explain, “It’s a dry heat.” Still, in the warmer months, it’s best to enjoy the outdoors very early or late in the day.

Snow and ice during the winter months are not uncommon especially at higher elevations. While this makes for a beautiful landscape, the presence of snow in the mountains means that those who are active outdoors should take special precautions. Always be sure to check the weather before heading out and follow the Boy Scout motto: Be prepared.

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